5 Best Tools For an Online Relationship

In the beginning, God made online relationships scary things.

Haha, no, he didn’t – but less-than-stable people with tendencies to harass, stalk, and kill other people did.

However, times have changed, and online relationships and dating online have become pretty normal. Freesexchatwebcam

Of course, different people have different reasons for getting into online relationships.

Maybe it’s that you’re so busy with work, you don’t really have the time right now to go out and meet people in person. Maybe it’s that you were so burned in your last relationship that the break up has left you pretty nervous about getting back out on the dating scene.

Whatever the reason, online relationships work well for many people; however, before they can work, you need to know what tools you need for online relationships – and why.

1. E-Mail

E-mail is probably the “safest” way to start an online relationship. Chances are, you’ve met this woman on some social network or online dating site – which means you’ve probably already chatted with her using some other format – but usually sending flirty e-mails back and forth isn’t far behind.

E-mail is a “safe” way to start because it provides PLENTY of time to think about what you want to say to the woman and how you want to respond to what she says. There’s no pressure with e-mail, because there’s no one on the other side of the computer screen waiting for an immediate response.

2. Instant Messengers

Chatting via an instant messenger is usually the next step in developing online relationships. Instant messengers, such as those provided by Yahoo, Skype, and Gmail, are great ways to have real time, “in-person” conversations with someone that still maintain the ease of e-mail.

If you’re shy about getting into an online relationship with a woman, think of chatting on instant messengers as a way to talk to her faster than you would with e-mail but with some of the same ease that e-mail provides.

3. Microphones

Chatting via instant messages is fun, but sometimes things get lost in translation. Microphones are great because, obviously, they let you actually TALK to the woman. You can hear the tone of her voice, what she sounds like laughing – all that good stuff.

Most instant messengers have microphone applications, so if you’re shy you can ease right into a speaking conversation from a typing conversation.

4. Webcams

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.

Unless you meet the woman you’re in an online relationship with fairly soon after “meeting” her online, you’ll want to move on to webcams at some point. Webcams generally go right along with microphones. Webcams are great because they let you actually SEE each other – outside of pictures – and they’re fun for a whole host of reasons I shouldn’t have to outline for you. If you get my drift.

5. Text

Okay, so texting isn’t exactly an online tool, but it’s great fun for people in online relationships. As long as you have your cell phone, you can text from ANYWHERE.

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